PHP Pubsubhubbub server

I'm looking for a standalone Pubsubhubbub server written in PHP that I can use to test pubsubhubbub implementations locally without internet access.

I know about PubSubHubBub Hubs and the official hub list, but there is no PHP-based hub in sight. Did I miss one? Which?

It seems that Zend Framework has some server code, but that's only a lib and no server that can be used out of the box.



Since 2015-04-01 I'm using my own, self-written and self-hosted PubSubHubbub server called "phubb".


The PuSHPress Wordpress plugin not only implements the publisher side in Wordpress but also the hub part. It should be able to use it as hub for other pages, too - with a little bit of hacking since

To help keep things simple and limit potential abuse ...[it] will only allow subscriptions ..[of] of the WordPress blog that it is installed on.

Installing Wordpress locally is done in 5 minutes, and using the plugin shouldn't be that hard.

Edit: Yes, that one is on the official hub list and I originally dismissed it since it's not a standalone server, but hey, there doesn't seem to be more.


As of 2011-07, there is a drupal module implementing a PuSH hub.

At the moment there only seems to be one implementation of the Pubsubhubhub protocol. That's the Google App Engine implementation.

Here's a slideshow going through the construction process of it if you're interested in creating another implementation:

StatusNet ( also implements a hub internally, but it's not available for other applications.

Another option is to use We host most of the hubs out there. It's often easier to use existing solutions than re-invent the wheel :)

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