How do i get this javascript to run every second?


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Use setInterval() to run a piece of code every x milliseconds.

You can wrap the code you want to run every second in a function called runFunction.

So it would be:

var t=setInterval(runFunction,1000);

And to stop it, you can run:


Use setInterval:

setInterval(oneSecondFunction, 1000);

function oneSecondFunction() {
// stuff you want to do every second

Here's an article on the difference between setTimeout and setInterval. Both will provide the functionality you need, they just require different implementations.

You can use setTimeout to run the function/command once or setInterval to run the function/command at specified intervals.

var a = setTimeout("alert('run just one time')",500);
var b = setInterval("alert('run each 3 seconds')",3000);

//To abort the interval you can use this:


This will run func after 1000 milliseconds. So at the end of func you can call window.setTimeout again to go in a loop of 1 sec. You just need to define a terminate condition.


You can use setInterval:

var timer = setInterval( myFunction, 1000);

Just declare your function as myFunction or some other name, and then don't bind it to $('.more')'s live event.

Use setInterval(func, delay) to run the func every delay milliseconds.

setTimeout() runs your function once after delay milliseconds -- it does not run it repeatedly. A common strategy is to run your code with setTimeout and call setTimeout again at the end of your code.

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