Monotouch Three20 app launcher or bindings

From what I've read about btouch; the bindings are not complete for three20.

Is there a project that provides either bindings for the Three20 app launcher or a pure MonoTouch implementation of a launcher UI element?


There are two different bindings that I have seen. I personally have used the one from GitHub to use the launcher in a MonoTouch app and it is working fine. I haven't used the one from Google Code.

Three20 Binding @ Google Code

Three20 Binding @ GitHub

Nimbus is the new open-source project from Jeff Verkoey (who brought you Three20) that is trying to minimize Three20's sprawling, lengthy build process while providing extensive documentation and feature parity. There's an awesome launcher demo available as part of the project. I don't know about bindings or MonoTouch, but it's a very nice and elegant way to present a launcher. Try it out if possible.

Once you've used Nimbus, the only reason to go back to Three20 is for a feature it doesn't yet support. It's incredibly fast to build and use in general. I highly recommend it. It's also being extensively developed, so that's a drawback if the launcher is one such item.

The link is Hope this helped!

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