Concatenate string properties of an object with lambda

Please consider the following:

public class MyObject
   public bool B;
   public string Txt;

List<MyObject> list; //list of a bunch of MyObject's 

With lambda expression, how can I produce a string consisting of comma separated values of Txt of those objects, where B is true?

Thank you.


for .net 3.5:

string.Join(",", list.Where(o => o.B).Select(o => o.Txt).ToArray())

for .net 4.0:

string.Join(",", list.Where(o => o.B).Select(o => o.Txt))

string myString = string.Join(",", list.Where(x => x.B).Select(x=>x.Txt));

var strFinal = "";
myList.ForEach(pq => strFinal += ", " + pq.ItemId);

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