Why isn't this regular expression test working?


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The problem is that you are using quotes...

In bash regex, there is no need for quotes, and moreso, they should not be used (unless you are trying to match a quote (in which case you can escape it \")... Also if you want a space in your pattern, you must escape it, \  (there is a space after the back-slash ...

Also note, that to match the entire line as being alphabetic, you must add a leading ^ and a trailing $, otherwise it will match such lines as: 123 456 abc. cat and mouse


if [[ $line =~ [a-zA-Z]+\. ]] ; then echo hello; fi

Some version of OS with bash gives you the output. So its up to you to get your updates. However, without regex you can use extended globbing

shopt -s extglob
case "$line" in
+([a-zA-Z]). ) echo "hello";;

if not, use regex without the quotes

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