I was looking for the technical requirements of a PDF. I believe text can be kept in 2 methods into a PDF: a) as a text layer above the image layer (as explained in the website above) b) when you develop a PDF from a Word document (with text), I do not believe Word will store all the text in the text layer.

Because PDF 1.4, XMP has been included (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extensible_Metadata_Platform). What is XMP? Is this the “text layer” which I discussed above?

If a scanner is performing OCR on an image, is it storing the text in the “text layer”? Or the “XMP” field? This can only be when a PDF is of version 1.4?

And how can I detect if a PDF currently has text data? For example: PDF A has actually been scanned with OCR and PDF B has not. How can I understand that PDF B should be sent out to a different OCR engine?

Usually, after OCR the text is added in ‘undetectable’ text rendering mode to the typical content of the PDF (not an additional layer, that’s made undetectable– which is likewise a technical possibility in PDF; try to find Optional Content in the PDF specification).– Nevertheless, in real life PDFs (both, ‘scanned’ along with ‘regular’ PDFs), you’ll typically find that you can select the text and copy it– but after pasting, you’ll only have gobbledigook. Or if you use pdftotext on such a file … If so, then it’s a problem with the encoding of the font utilized

i possess a python text that convert pdf file to content file. the unit talk to the customer to the training program of the directory which contains the PDF data.

The text message is actually made using the undetectable content providing setting. The end result is that you may select the message utilizing a computer mouse (the highlighted place will definitely be actually presented at the expected put on top of the image) as well as you can seek message.

the complication is actually that the script merely improve one report, what need is actually to make the writing enhance all the PDF files that exist in the specified directory site.

XMP is actually meta details instead of aesthetic information.

The PDF requirements has no referral of a ‘text level’. Typically, there is simply one technique to ‘spare’ content: through means of content presenting operators. These operators pull text at a specific site, making use of a specific shade, typeface, typeface measurements and also content rendering setting. There are a lot of content rendering methods. For the functionality of addressing your concern, content may be recognizable or even undetected.

When you generate PDF from a Word document depends on the software program that you utilize to convert, exactly what takes place. To my understanding, these converters perform certainly not create an image but they will certainly create visible text message.

Apart coming from no increase of adjustable i of while loophole, you are actually additionally using the quite exact same adjustable label i in the for loop. Thus, after leaving behind the for loop the worth of the variable i has currently changed. You should utilize different variable labels in even though and also for loophole.

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