5 Great Libraries for New React Developers

Dates, charts, semantic UI, and more

A library is a collection of reusable code that can include various functions, objects, and methods, depending on the language the library is written for. Although this article will focus on libraries that can be helpful to JavaScript developers, libraries are by no means limited to JavaScript. When using a library, an application can install or link to the library, allowing the application access to the library’s functionality.

There are many libraries full of useful features and functionality for developers working with JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks. These libraries can include a variety of functions that handle strings, dates, HTML DOM elements, events, cookies, animations, network requests, and more.

Many libraries allow developers to customize the functionality, style, and reliant data of the functions and the elements they create.

The functions found in libraries provide developers with a somewhat abstract way of working with information, allowing them to create programs quicker and easier. A library can reduce development time by an estimated 20%.

Although libraries can be an excellent and extremely useful source of prebuilt code, libraries can come with problems. Libraries can contain bugs that can be difficult to fix or work around. Not all libraries are maintained, so if there is a bug there is no guarantee it will be fixed. There is also no guarantee that a library will be updated to account for software updates.

Here are just some of the many libraries that can be helpful to developers using React.


Chart.jsSemantic UIHover.cssReact-vis