I am actually utilizing that code, which are going to print a document making use of a network printer:

Socket socket = new Socket(AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.Tcp);
 socket.NoDelay = true;

 IPAddress ip = IPAddress.Parse(ip);
 IPEndPoint ipEndPoint = new IPEndPoint(ip, someport);


That code operates, yet I am dropping the styles in my Word document.

Where does the Byte-Array stem from?

I would certainly expect a stack of 25 factors in the document based upon that code. You will certainly possess to most likely style the Section to offer it its own’ personal page.

I have a word document with some Text and also Images. I desire to replicate the web content of the word document right into yet another word document utilizing C#.

If you’re certainly not dealing with the mentioned issue in this approach, then kindly share your codes together with input and also resultant Word document coming from your end to verify additionally.

You can easily make an effort the listed below code if you aren’t tweak any of Word document content.

Then a stream is actually skipping to Ascii Encoding as an alternative of UTF8 encoding, if you are actually loosing the layouts. It is not happening in the code you published. TCP will certainly not customize information.

It appears you are giving the exact very same market values for the left as well as top specification in the feature AddTextbox on each model of the loophole. The guidelines are as adheres to: AddTextbox(Orientation, Left, Top, Distance, Height) so you most likely need to programmatically transform the worths for Left behind as well as Top as needed to have.

If you are actually experiencing the exact same issue means, then the used fonts in the input document could certainly not be actually mounted in your development atmosphere so, set up all the made use of fonts to settle the concern.

Putting textboxes in Word along with C#. I am actually programmatically including sections to a document, and also each part must possess a textbox. Unhappy about the formatting. The outcome is actually a document with 25 web pages, however all the textframes are loaded on best of one another, on the initial page.

I assume that, you might certainly not be actually mounted the font styles (which are actually utilized in the Word document) in your production atmosphere. If thus, kindly put in all the utilized typefaces in your creation setting to fix the reported concern.

This will definitely copy all materials from first document to 2nd document. Make certain both documents exists.

you don’t shed information when utilizing TCP, the issue could be connected to just how you receive the data and how you decipher it on the obtaining edge which you have not revealed us.

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