Link From excel to open pdf file

I want to link to a specific page in pdf file whose link is given in excel file.i dont want page to open on browser .I want it to open up locally on my pc.


You can link the PDF file with Insert > Hyperlink > [path of file] When the link is clicked and the PDF file exists at that location on the machine, the file will be opened (after the accepts it in a warning dialog).

I strongly doubt though, that it is at all possible, to link to a specific page in a PDF. But why not just specify the relevant page in a note next to the link.


Further Details, see the Documentation:
(Page 21)

You can write a macros to start Acrobat with parameters.

When opening a PDF document from a command shell, you can pass the parameters to the open command using the /A switch with the following syntax:

<Acrobat path> /A "<parameter>=<value>" "<PDF path>"
For example:
Acrobat.exe /A "page=8" "C:\example.pdf"


A working implementation of the VBA suggestion from Andrii Horda would be...

(With Acrobat Reader DC and the links to the PDF files listed in Column E)

Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Row = Target.Row
Column= "E"
Path= Range(Column & Row)
If Target.Column = "5" Then
Shell """" & Environ("ProgramFiles") & "\Adobe\Acrobat Reader 2015\Reader\AcroRd32.exe"" /A ""page=2"" """ & Path & """", vbNormalFocus
End If
End Sub

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